How To Effectively Use Landscape Rocks

Many homeowners see landscaping as being focused on the lawn and other green parts of your landscape. However, your use of landscaping rocks is equally important. You will want to know how to effectively use rocks to beautify your landscape and to also break up the monotony. 

Understanding the Best Times to Use Rocks

Use rock when you need to quickly dress up your landscape. Rocks are very durable and long-lasting, so they are one part of your landscape that you will not have to worry about. 

Choosing the Right Rock

Begin by using the right rock for your landscape. Beach pebbles are a good option if you want to add warmth. If you find that one area is too shady, you could add white marble. Certain types of rocks will simply not work for your landscape. For instance, if you have a more formal garden, flat terracotta simply will not work. Make sure that you will be happy with the rocks because they will last for years. 

Why You Should Keep It Local

Rocks are heavy and may be expensive to transport long distances. For that reason, you are better off selecting rocks that are local rather than using rocks that are more exotic. Local rocks will give your landscape a more natural and realistic look.

Preparing the Area for Landscaping Rock

To avoid purchasing more rock than you will need, measure the area where you will be placing the rocks. Mark the areas where you will place your rocks. Then, kill the turf using newspapers, tilling or herbicides. 

Once the turf is dead, remove the soil to the level where you will place the rock. You will want the rock to be partially buried. Then, tamp down the soil so the rocks will have a firm surface upon which to sit on. Place newspaper or cardboard over the soil to prevent weeds from growing. 

Determining How Large the Rock Should Be

Ideally, you should hire a professional to determine the right type of rock for your home. Homeowners will sometimes choose boulders that are not large enough to work with their properties. 

For instance, they will use smaller boulders because they are initially not as expensive and are not as expensive to transport. However, filling up a space with one large boulder is less expensive overall and looks better. Use the taller rocks as the central stone of a composition.

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