Drop-Off Recycling Services: Benefits Over Collection Services

Most cities have recycling services that involve placing a can or dumpster near the road or in an alley to collect recycling on a weekly basis. However, if you find that you have a lot of recycling each week that overflows your collection bin, you might want to consider drop-off recycling services instead. Here are all of the benefits related to this kind of recycling service. 

Recycling on Your Time

Weekly collection is great and all, but sometimes it is just more convenient to take your recycling somewhere on your own time. Load your recyclables into a truck and haul it to the appointed center where it will be taken from your truck and separated inside. These centers operate all day long, most days of the week, so that you can drop off your recycling on your own time.   

Cost Is Generally Free

Because you are dropping off your recycling yourself, it also means that you are doing your own recycling collections. You are not paying your municipality to collect curbside (unless you choose to continue utilizing this service as well), and you are not paying a private waste collection company to pick up and empty dumpsters either. Dropping off your recycling can only cost you the time you need and the gas you will use to do this. 

The Recycling Plant That Takes Your Recycling Is Often the Same One That Processes It

Recycling plants that accept and encourage drop-offs are often also the same place that begins to process the recycled items. After you drop off your recycling, the plant employees go to work separating everything, melting down plastics and metals, and shipping the raw melted products off to other plants to turn into other goods. Some of these plants are a "full service" deal; they are able to take the used recyclables and put them through all of the processes, and create new plastic containers, cardboard, cans, etc.--- all at the same location. 

You May Even Make a Little Money

On occasion, some plants are looking for a particular recyclable. They will encourage people to drop off this particular item for a cash incentive. If that happens near you, you could make a little money for dropping off your recyclables instead of having them picked up. As always, you can make money recycling aluminum, but these plants may offer a cash incentive for recycling and dropping off more cardboard or more number two plastics, when and if the demand arises.