Travel Sports Team Need Some Cash? Consider Selling Plastic

Fundraising is something that anybody — whether they are parents or athletes — must take part in when getting involved in sports that require travel. Many teams go long distances to play and need funds to help take them there. You can lighten the financial burden on the team a little by selling plastic to a local recycler and getting back a surprising amount of cash for your hard work.

Fundraising Is a Critical Part of Team Sports

When participating in a team sport, players must take the time to raise money to help out their squad as much as possible. While it is possible to pay for many items out of your own pocket, such as various sporting gear, it is almost always better to raise money outside of the group. Many fundraising ideas help to provide this cash and give you the chance to travel and win games.

However, you may get sick of baking cookies, washing cars, holding raffles, and doing other events that put you in the community. It's not that these events are bad — they're a great way to make money — but you can easily tire of them if you overdo it. And people may stop giving if you keep pushing for money. As a result, you need to think of alternative methods, such as selling plastic, to raise some cash.

Why Selling Plastic Is a Good Idea

Selling plastic is a unique fundraising option that gives you access to a surprising array of funds. While many people may already be selling other materials in your areas — such as metal from cars — few are probably going after plastic. However, the demand for plastic is quite high, meaning that your sports team could probably collect quite a large amount to sell to fund a trip.

While you won't make as much money selling plastic as you might if you sold metal, plastic is usually easier to find and comes in many varieties. And most recycling centers are more than willing to take whatever type they can find to ensure that they get enough for recycling. In this way, you can probably make more money than you'd expect, as long as you're willing to work hard.

Thankfully, there should be plenty of places to sell plastic, which is useful if you want to raise money without annoying your community too much. While the amount of plastic you may have to take in could be quite large, the end result should be more than worth it if you are clever about how you collect plastic and work hard to sell large volumes in a concentrated way.