Things To Know As You Get Into Copper Recycling

Are you into copper recycling? Are you interested in this type of recycling because you've heard it pays better than recycling steel, aluminum, or other types of metal? Are you new to recycling in general and want to see what makes copper recycling different from other types?

Many people recycle metal for a living, while others recycle metal for the environment. Still others just want to have a hobby they can make a little bit of money at. However, before you get into copper recycling, you should learn more about the process. Here are things to consider as you get into copper recycling so you don't get overwhelmed straight out of the gates.

Learn what copper is worth per pound

You should learn what copper is worth per pound, especially compared to other metals, as you get into your metal recycling adventure. Copper, in general, is worth more than other metals per pound, but it is also harder to acquire in larger amounts, so keep this in mind if you are collecting copper for money as a side or full-time gig.

Learn where you can get copper

The average home has about 400 pound of copper in its construction, which means that copper is readily available, just not in the large quantities you'd expect. You have to know where you can get copper, which exists in many computers and other electronics, plumbing systems, and refrigerators and other appliances. Once you know where you can get copper, you can do your part to extract it and make money with your copper recycling efforts.

Learn how you impact the environment

Recycling copper does so much more than just put money in your pocket — it allows you to have a positive impact on the environment as well. When you recycle copper, you can recycle much of the other components of the metal things you acquire as well, so you keep more items out of landfills, keep copper mining at bay, and help things to get reused. For example, did you know that a lot of the copper you see in your appliances and in electrical wiring is actually recycled already? You can do your part to keep this trend strong by doing copper recycling of your own.

When you have enough copper to take to the recycling plant, call around to learn where you can get the most money for your collection. This way, you can make copper recycling even more beneficial to you.