Great Places To Find Copper To Recycle

Copper is commonly recycled because it is a metal that can retain the majority of its value. As a result, it's possible to help the environment and also reduce the cost of using copper as a product because it is cheaper to recycle copper than it is to mine copper. If you would like to earn extra cash, or if you would simply like to recycle and help the environment, there are a lot of things that are made from copper that can be easily recycled. 

Items Found in Your Kitchen 

You might own kitchen items that are made out of copper. This includes copper pots and pans. If this is the case, you will have the option of recycling these items if you are not able to sell them. Appliances found in your kitchen can contain copper as well, such as dishwashers.

Other Appliances

Other appliances that can contain copper include washing machines, dryers, dehumidifiers, and air conditioners. Anything that contains wires might also contain copper wiring. If the wires will be recycled, you'll need to strip the wires of their insulation first and they can then be handed over to a copper recycling business. 

Computers and Other Electronic Devices

If you have any electronics, you will likely be able to find a lot of copper inside because of the extent to which electronics rely on copper to be able to function, power themselves, and transmit data. There might be other valuable components to your electronic device as well. Whenever removing any wires, always make sure that they are not still energized. 

Construction Sites and Demolition Jobs

If you are friends with a contractor, they might be able to supply you with copper. This is because construction sites often have a large amount of copper that can be recycled for profit. Demolition companies will also often have copper that can be easily recycled. In some cases, they will be happy to let you take copper scrap so they do not have to worry about disposing of it themselves.

How to Prepare Your Copper

Once you have found copper, it's important to separate it from other materials. If you are selling copper, failing to separate it from other materials will reduce the value of the copper. However, there might be other materials that are also valuable and they will need to be separated so that they can be recycled or sold. 

Contact a local copper recycling service to learn more.