Do You Really Have To Send Power Cords And Cables To An E-Waste Or Recycling Center?

By now, most people are aware that electronic equipment shouldn't be through in the trash. Metals inside the equipment can become hazardous waste, leaking particles into landfills and possibly into the groundwater, not to mention never degrading at all. Cables and cords are a different matter, though. Not as many people realize that these simple fixtures have to be treated as e-waste or e-recycling, too. Cords, cables, lines, whatever you have, usually has an insulating layer of plastic or rubber covering metal wires. Read More 

Have An Old Laptop? Why You Should Recycle It

If your laptop has conked out, it's easy to think that the answer is to throw it into the trash can. You might repeatedly press the power button in hopes that the device will reboot itself, but to no avail. That's when you know that it's time to get it off of your hands. However, rather than simply throwing the laptop into a nearby garbage can, it might be a better idea for you to recycle it. Read More 

Managing An Efficient Computer Scrapping System

Although the amount of materials harmful to the environment--both through toxicity and mining side effects--have reduced in computer designs, there's still quite a few valuable scrap metals, materials and even intact components that you can use for a return on investment. It works even better if you have a steady source of old or broken computers that you didn't buy at retail price, but any level of computer recycling can benefit from a few of these dismantling, safety and organization tips. Read More 

3 Reasons Why You Can’t Afford Not To Recycle Your Circuit Boards

If you're even considering the idea of recycling any old or used circuit boards you have in your home, you're probably pretty well-versed in all the advantages this process can extend. However, you might not be as familiar with the disadvantages of not recycling. Simply holding on to these electronics can also cause several issues that you may not have originally considered.   Lose Out On Money Circuit boards have a lot of valuable components. Read More