Things To Know As You Get Into Copper Recycling

Are you into copper recycling? Are you interested in this type of recycling because you've heard it pays better than recycling steel, aluminum, or other types of metal? Are you new to recycling in general and want to see what makes copper recycling different from other types? Many people recycle metal for a living, while others recycle metal for the environment. Still others just want to have a hobby they can make a little bit of money at. Read More 

3 Questions To Ask Before Selling Your Construction Company’s Leftover Copper Wire

Are you trying to sell your extra copper wire to a high bidding buyer? Here are a few questions to ask when deciding which copper wire buyers to actually work with: How Much Wire Can Be Accepted? It's a good idea to find out just how much wire will be accepted before taking your load in to be analyzed and purchased. You may have hundreds of yards worth of wire to sell when your closest outlet is only willing to buy a small percentage of what you have. Read More